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Bike Geekery

If you’ve read my About Me page, you already know that I’m a huge bike nerd. I’ve been riding fixed gears since I moved to Minneapolis, which has been about 3 years now. For those of you who aren’t as into bikes as I am, a ‘fixed gear’ is a bike with one single gear that is ‘fixed’ so that if you’re pedaling, you’re moving and if you’re not, you’re stopped. There’s no coasting and most of us don’t have brakes (including myself). The first bikes ever invented were fixed gears and if you ask me or any other fan, we’ll tell you it’s the purest, simplest form of biking. It’s also a huge community. Although there are the handful of elitist jerks, most riders are very kind to each other and are super excited to talk shop about their bikes. Two huge online fixed gear communities are Fixed Gear Gallery , an online photo gallery of people’s bikes and Fixed Gear Republic , a social network for bike nerds.

I got a new frame last fall and was able to ride it a few times before winter sunk her teeth into my fun. I suffered all winter, looking at my bike sitting in my apartment, begging me to take it for a spin. My boyfriend got me a new set of rims for my birthday, and seeing how great the weather has been, we put the whole thing together yesterday and she looks beautiful!

I can’t wait until I can be out biking everyday!


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