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Myself and I

Disposable Diary – An Adventure Photoblog

2 kids, 2 disposable cameras, northern Minnesota, an underwear party at the Nomad, and the No Haters Rolling Dance Party 2010.

All photos taken on disposable cameras by either Nathan or myself.


Pedal Consumption

Modeling the new run of Pedal Consumption t-shirts (I reconstructed mine) and the new team shoes!

A huge shout-out to Patrick from PC for the awesome gear! T-shirts are not currently available for sale, but when they are, they’ll be in the Pedal Consumption Store!

Featured by Pedal Consumption, DVS (click on the ‘Blog’ link), Fixie GC and Chicks and Bikes!

All photos taken by Nathan Brende and edited by yours truly.

The North Woods – A Mini Adventure Photoblog

2 kids, 4 cameras, 100 foot trees, lakes, giant fish and a couple days away from it all.

Disposable camera photos coming soon.

All photos were taken by either Nathan or myself.

Fun With Clones

Taught myself a cool new editing technique, and had a lot of fun with it!

UPDATE: A huge shout-out to Pedal Consumption for featuring this photo!
2nd UPDATE: Another shout-out to Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan for the feature 🙂

As always, the full res versions of these and all the other pictures I took today are on my Flickr!

Just A Series of Blurs

Photos from a recent long exposure adventure.

These all look way better full size, so click right on the pictures to go straight to my Flickr!


Fourchette, originally uploaded by all bones no lies.

just when i think i am safe and secure
there’s that haunting again in my conscience
the ticking, the tapping of cold memory
like a steel radiator that ran out of steam

Behind The Falls

Today Dustin and I went on an adventure to Minnehaha Falls and the weather was finally nice enough for us to go behind the falls. Here’s a little photo-blog of pictures I took along the way.