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Out Into The Ether

Disposable Diary – An Adventure Photoblog

2 kids, 2 disposable cameras, northern Minnesota, an underwear party at the Nomad, and the No Haters Rolling Dance Party 2010.

All photos taken on disposable cameras by either Nathan or myself.


The North Woods – A Mini Adventure Photoblog

2 kids, 4 cameras, 100 foot trees, lakes, giant fish and a couple days away from it all.

Disposable camera photos coming soon.

All photos were taken by either Nathan or myself.

In Love With Latitude – A Mini-Adventure Photoblog

Two kids, one camera, dragons, fake mustaches and miles and miles of highway.

All photos taken by Nathan (also, http://www.flickr.com/photos/nathanbrende/) and yours truly.

Just A Series of Blurs

Photos from a recent long exposure adventure.

These all look way better full size, so click right on the pictures to go straight to my Flickr!


Fourchette, originally uploaded by all bones no lies.

just when i think i am safe and secure
there’s that haunting again in my conscience
the ticking, the tapping of cold memory
like a steel radiator that ran out of steam

Today’s Random Thing of Beauty

A tree branch on a powerline.

Strangely beautiful isn’t it? I’m sure my Supreme Audio Nerd status has something to do with it, since I absolutely love the noises it makes. But also just the way it sparkles and flashes before bursting into flames.

So there you go, a daily dose of something unexpected and beautiful. Hope you enjoyed it.