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Disposable Diary – An Adventure Photoblog

2 kids, 2 disposable cameras, northern Minnesota, an underwear party at the Nomad, and the No Haters Rolling Dance Party 2010.

All photos taken on disposable cameras by either Nathan or myself.


The North Woods – A Mini Adventure Photoblog

2 kids, 4 cameras, 100 foot trees, lakes, giant fish and a couple days away from it all.

Disposable camera photos coming soon.

All photos were taken by either Nathan or myself.

In Love With Latitude – A Mini-Adventure Photoblog

Two kids, one camera, dragons, fake mustaches and miles and miles of highway.

All photos taken by Nathan (also, http://www.flickr.com/photos/nathanbrende/) and yours truly.

Fun With Film

I bought an Argus Seventy-Five at a thrift store months ago and left it sitting on my shelf as cool decor for quite sometime. Recently while I was showing it to one of my friends, I realized all the mechanics worked and started my research into finding film for it. After a decent amount of research, I learned that 620 film (what my Argus takes) has gone the way of the dinosaurs, but that it’s a pretty quick job to make 120 film fit. So here’sĀ snippetsĀ of my first three rolls!

As always, the rest of these and many more are on my Flickr page.